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Introducing Cultured Coffee

Cultured Coffee is our very first product. We use our natural fermentation process just before roasting to completely reinvent coffee:

Easy to digest - lower in acidity and stomach irritants;

Sustained energy - bioactive compounds and lower caffeine;

Less bitter - shining fruit and rich chocolate aromas.   

Cultured Coffee will power you through your day happy and healthy.

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The fermentation process modifies the molecules in coffee that can cause irritation and discomfort.  Martha Stewart

The bitter notes (AKA what causes heartburn and GI issues for many people) are completely taken out at a molecular level. Well and Good

Well and Good

Cultured Coffee has undergone natural fermentation that makes it both healthy and a little more flavorful. Translation: If you take probiotics or drink fermented kombucha or tea to enhance your gut health, this might be the coffee for you. Read more


A really good coffee, light, less bitter and aromatic. The flavor revealed is in between coffee and tea. It is a new process that will revolutionize the coffee industry. Motley Fool

Slurping spoonfuls of coffee, the difference was obvious. The fermented beans were indeed less bitter and less astringent. Wired

News: Cultured Coffee and its origins in WSJ

Cultured Coffee and our fermentation innovation lab, Afineur, were featured in the Labor Day food edition.

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