Frequently Asked Questions

Cultured Coffee is fermented, does that mean it’s live like probiotics?

    No. We use live natural cultures to ferment our coffee beans but these are deactivated during roasting. The benefits of fermentation are locked in to every bean when you buy your coffee. No need to refrigerate your beans!

    Fermentation. Does that mean there’s alcohol in your beans?

      No. While some fermentation can produce small amounts of alcohol, for example in drinks like kombucha or beer, our coffee isn’t live or alcoholic. No worries.

      Do I need to do anything special to the beans like keep them in the refrigerator?

      Treat our beans like regular coffee beans. Keep them in their sealed package stored in a dry environment.

      Do you offer subscriptions or discounts?

      Absolutely! Please see this page for more details about our subscriptions and savings programs.

      Does your coffee come in any varieties?

      Not currently. We’ve worked with a range of sustainably sourced coffee beans to maximize the health benefits and the taste of every cup. We sell our coffee as whole beans to retain freshness too.

      Is Cultured Coffee decaf?

      No! Cultured coffee has about 21% less caffeine than traditional Arabica and is rich in theophylline, a natural biostimulant traditionally found in tea and cocoa, thanks to the fermentation process.

      We used fermentation to provide an energy boost that is long lasting and won’t cause the jitters.

      How long can I keep my Cultured Coffee? I don’t use it every day?

        The sooner the better! To enjoy the full health benefits of Cultured Coffee, we typically recommend enjoying beans within 3 months of purchase date. However you’re welcome to keep them for longer as suits.

        How do I brew my Cultured Coffee?

          It all starts with a grinder. Burr or regular depending on how fancy you want to get. Cultured Coffee can then be enjoyed whichever way you prefer to make your regular coffee. As a general rule:

          Can I brew Cultured Coffee with my Nespresso or Keurig machine?

            Absolutely! There are a number of refillable pods for these machines that can be used to brew Cultured Coffee.

            Where can I buy your coffee?

              You’ll always find the freshest beans on our online store. We also currently stock select outlets in NYC.

              Is your coffee gluten-free, fair-trade, organic certified or does it carry any other certifications?

              Our coffee is gluten-free and organic. It’s produced by small farming cooperatives who have direct relationships with our green bean supplier in Brooklyn.
              They work hard to bring their farmers the best deal and ensure traceability without lengthy global certifications that can be unaffordable for many small farming communities.  

              How do I stock your coffee in my store?

                Simple! Mail hello (at) eatcultured (dot) com for more details about our wholesale program.

                Aren't some coffee beans naturally fermented?

                  Yes, but there's a big difference!   

                  Depending on the climate where coffee beans are harvested the coffee cherries can be dried in the sun or steeped in water to remove the outer layer from the bean. Both of these methods enlist the help of microbes to help separate the husk from the bean.

                  However, both methods use “spontaneous” fermentation. The microbes that happen to be on the coffee cherry, in the air or water may positively or negatively impact the taste and nutrition profile of the beans. It’s a complete gamble.  

                  Instead, to ensure a consistent health and flavor profile in our beans, we use a unique additional fermentation step on green beans before roasting. By carefully selecting chosen natural microbes we can craft Cultured Coffee’s unique taste and nutrition profile regardless of the process used to strip the husk from the bean.

                  What other products can I buy?

                    Cultured Coffee is currently our only product.
                    However we’re always researching new ways to make plant-based food more nutritious, healthier and tastier by teaming up with microbes. If you’d like to stay updated about the latest news and unique upcoming new products, please sign up for our newsletter

                    How do I learn more about fermentation?

                    A good starter is "The art of Fermentation" by Sandor Katz. It explores the world of traditionally fermented food products and the key concepts behind fermentation.

                    If you want to learn more or have questions, send us an email. We love to talk about microbes!