Learn more about eatCultured and our parent company Afineur's work with fermentation innovation:

Wall Street Journal

 Fermented Coffee, Anyone?

"Could the next big thing in fermented offerings be coffee?"


21 Artisan Coffee Roasters You Need to Try Now

"Afineur, the biotech company behind Cultured Coffee, is taking fermentation to the next step.

The resulting cup is less bitter than other coffees and boasts the benefits of being easier on human digestion. While it's delicious brewed, we have to say: It makes for a startlingly good cup of cold brew."


Cultured Coffee

"Using spontaneous fermentation, the two hope to engineer more ethically-produced food and pharma — starting with coffee."

whole foods market

Exciting Trends and Innovations Abound at Specialty Food Association's 2017 Summer Fancy Food Show

"The double fermentation process is attractive for people who love coffee, but may have stomach issues with the traditional brewing process." — Elly Truesdell, Whole Foods Market

eater logo

How a New Startup Is Refining the Flavor of Coffee via Microbial Fermentation

"Afineur beans look like standard coffee beans, though they contain slightly less caffeine and taste clear and bright, with definitive floral aromas. The coffee's flavor is reminiscent of a high-quality black oolong tea as opposed to joe from Starbucks or Stumptown."


Better Coffee Through Bacterial Chemistry

"Camille Delebecque, a biologist, and Sophie Deterre, a flavor chemist, [are] working to replicate the civet’s flavor-altering powers while taking the mammal and its poop out of the equation."

speciality food association

 Fermented Coffee Offers Gentler Take on Drink

"Brooklyn-based Afineur's Cultured Coffee undertakes a second fermentation process that renders it less bitter and easier to digest."


A Smarter Coffee: Afineur Unleashes Fermentation Through The Magic of Biotechnology

"The bigger ambition of Afineur is really to leverage natural fermentation to unleash the full potential of the process for different food products, and we see a lot of opportunities to develop an interesting consumer brand around smart fermentation."

the bridge bk

When Food Meets Tech: 12 Cool Ideas With Good Taste

"...driven by the idea that controlled fermentation can make foods more nutritious and more digestible. In terms of taste, Cultured Coffee is less bitter than traditional coffee."

"In terms of active ingredients, the fermentation process converts caffeine in the coffee to a natural bio-stimulant called theophylline, which is found in tea. The result, says the company, is caffeine without the jitters."


These Scientists Want to Bring you Civet-Poop Coffee Without the Civets

“Afineur’s fermentation process doesn’t recreate exactly what happens inside the civet, but is inspired by it. […] the difference was obvious. The fermented beans were indeed less bitter and less astringent.”

(also featured in Wired Japan, Engadget and Slate)


Vegan Kopi Luwak? Biotech’s Cruelty Free Coffee Fermentation

“They use no genetically engineered microorganisms in fermentation, just the same familiar microbial processes used in making cheese, beer and other very familiar fermented foods.”

“Targets are bitterness and astringency […] to minimize these so that the more fragrant characteristics of specific coffees can shine through […] and […] produce coffee that does not upset the stomach.” 

the washington post

Scientists Use Microbes to pre-Digest Fancy Coffee 

“But how to get that civet-esque taste without harming any civets, now that demand is too high to just traipse around looking for naturally digested beans? Simple: Just try to digest the coffee in a lab.”

food & wine

This Kickstarter Wants to Launch a Fermented-Coffee Craze

"[...] the “most unique coffee you will ever try.”


From Fermented Food to Video Streaming, These French Entrepreneurs Are Making a Splash Stateside

“While fermentation is popularly used to produce wine, beer and cheese […], Afineur’s first product is Cultured Coffee, which is more fruity, aromatic and less bitter than traditional brews.”


A Synthetic Bio Startup Is Making Cat Poop Coffee Without the Poop (or the Cat)

"The company is experimenting with ways of creating new flavor profiles in [...] coffee beans."

Martha Stewart

The Next Big Thing in the Coffee Industry? Fermentation

"They are taking the fermentation process into unchartered territory, starting with their first product, Cultured Coffee."

"They screened for natural microbes that would reduce the astringency of coffee and allow more interesting flavor notes to shine. They also worked on upping the health benefits of coffee, including making it easier on the stomach. The fermentation process modifies the molecules in coffee that can cause irritation and discomfort, which is experienced by 15 to 20 percent of coffee drinkers."


4 Futuristic Food Companies You Need to Buy From Now

"Eat Cultured has improved upon that moment of respite you take at your desk, making coffee less bitter and less acidic [...] and improves upon a daily ritual that is already in the American vernacular."


 This Coffee Could Actually Be Good For Your Digestion

"The heroes of the hour at Brooklyn-based coffee start-up Afineur have come up with the aptly named Cultured Coffee, which promises to eliminate the digestion issues coffee can cause." 

edible brooklyn

This Brooklyn Start-up’s Coffee Is Cultured, Literally

"The pair [...] select microbes to unlock mellow-sweet flavors in Arabica beans that are more commonly associated with bold or bitter cupping profiles." 

food navigator

FOOD VISION USA 2016... THE TRAILBLAZERS: Afineur taps into fermented trend with ultra-smooth cultured coffee

"Afineur – one of three winners in this year's trailblazers challenge at Food Vision USA – reckons microbes can transform the flavor and nutrition of a host of agricultural products, starting with coffee." 


Cultured Coffee Reinventing Coffee 

Kickstarter Food's favorite project! 

The Shelby Report

‘Trendspotters’ Offer Their Take On What Was Hot At Fancy Food Show

“Brand new to market. The double fermentation process is attractive for people who love coffee, but may have stomach issues with the traditional brewing process.”


Move over, civet cats: This coffee company tries a fresh approach with bacteria

"We can now pick exactly the right microbes to forge new flavors and new foods. That’s what the company Afineur is doing." 

Grist 50 Top 50 Innovators: Camille Delebecque, Founder & CEO Afineur & eatCultured

the epoch times

What’s Brewing in the World of Coffee and Tea: Function and Flavor, Fast

"The company uses natural microbes to carefully ferment green coffee beans before roasting, for better digestibility, lower acidity, and more sustained energy without the caffeine spikes."

In the Future You'll Eat Ketchup Slices and Kelp Jerky

"Founder Camille Delebecque...knew probiotic microorganisms could be key in minimizing coffee’s unpleasant side effects, such as acid reflux and jitters."

Fermentation is the future of food processing—and it starts with a cup of coffee

"...beans that have had their molecular chemistry altered by fermentation."


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