Cultured Coffee - Healthy Stomach Friendly Fermented Coffee

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Cultured Coffee is a unique coffee made healthier and tastier thanks to the benefits of a natural fermentation process developed by eatCultured and applied to the coffee beans just before roasting.

  • Stomach friendly - The fermentation step not only significantly lowers the acidity of coffee but also the concentration of four main molecules associated with digestive discomfort: catechol, caffeine, hydroxyhydroquinone and pyrogallol
  • Sustained energy - Cultured coffee beans contain significantly less caffeine. The long lasting energy, more balanced and jitter-free energy boost is provided by theophylline and theobromine which are caffeine alternatives more commonly found in tea and cocoa naturally produced during the fermentation
  • Healthier coffee - The natural fermentation step produces vitamin B3, inositol, lowers levels of acrylamide and phyto-estrogen (trigonelline) resulting in the healthiest cup.
    • Clean smooth cup - Shining fruit and rich chocolate and tea-like notes. The cleaner, less bitter taste is a treat at any time of day. Light/Medium roast.

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