Cultured Coffee Bottle - Whole Beans 5oz

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More digestible, less bitter and acidic, Cultured Coffee is nature's power drink reinvented thanks to natural controlled fermentation

  • Easy to digest - our unique fermentation process applied on the green coffee beans before roasting significantly lowers the concentration of four main molecules associated with digestive discomfort: catechol, caffeine, hydroxyhydroquinone and pyrogallol
  • Sustained energy - our coffee beans contain less caffeine and more theophylline, a caffeine alternative more commonly found in tea and cocoa. The result is more balanced energy without the "jitters" 
    • Balanced delicious cup - less bitter and astringent. Shining fruit and smooth chocolate notes  
    Origin Organic single origin arabica coffee beans from Keffa, Ethiopia. Fermented in small batches in Brooklyn with love. 

    Brewing advice Brew and use just like a regular coffee. Try it as a refreshing cup at any time of day - even on an empty stomach.  5oz makes approximatively 12-15 delicious cups. 

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