eatCultured Subscriptions

At eatCultured we offer an easy way to stay stocked with your favorite fermented foods by providing subscriptions on all our products.

Learn more about how to sign up for a subscription below:


Cultured Coffee Subscription

Cultured Coffee, the world's first smart fermented coffee, is healthier and easier to digest. 

Save 20% on every order of Cultured Coffee by choosing a subscription!

Activate your subscription at checkout by following these three simple steps: 

1. Add Cultured Coffee to your cart

2. On Desktop: Click on the right-hand side siding panel to reveal your shopping cart. Select "subscribe & save" from the cart options before you reach the checkout. This applies an automatic 20% saving on your order.

On Mobile: Click on "view cart" to see a sliding panel on the right-hand side of the screen. Follow the same instructions as for desktop to select subscription. 

3. From the drop-downs below "subscribe & save", select how often you'd like to receive a new delivery.

You can choose to receive fresh coffee every 1-2 weeks or months according to your preference. 

When you're ready to checkout, hit "checkout" and you're ready to go!


Managing Your Subscription

You can update your subscription quantity or cancel a subscription at any time.

To manage your subscription, you'll first need to create an account through our store. Once you have an account, simply log in to manage upcoming orders and your subscription details from there. 

Creating an eatCultured Account

Creating an account with eatCultured is the easy way to keep track of orders, shipments and manage your subscriptions online with no need for extra e-mails!

To create an account, select "create account" from the list of options that appear on the left-hand sidebar or in any e-mail communication from our store.

Next, add your details in the account creation form and select "create" to activate your account. 

You should receive an e-mail to confirm your account is now live. 

Troubleshooting Accounts

Troubleshooting eatCultured accounts is easy! Simply drop us a message by e-mailing the team or contacting us through our store's messenger pop-up to notify us of any issues like lost passwords or to set up a new account.  

We hope you enjoy your subscription!