Where to Buy Fermented Coffee: Cultured Coffee

Looking to buy fermented coffee? 

Find eatCultured's Cultured Coffee at these destinations this Winter: 

New York (NY)

Brooklyn Beauty Fashion Labo

cultural and design destination based in Brooklyn's Park Slope neighborhood. 

Taste freshly brewed Cultured Coffee made by expert barista Kimio, a Japanese coffee and tea master as you browse local and international beauty and fashion treats. 

Boston & Cambridge (MA)

Art's Specialities

A chain of hand-selected health foods and natural products, Art's Specialities focuses on gourmet gifts and treats for discerning customers in the Boston area. 


Cambridge Naturals

A family-owned health food retailer based in Cambridge, MA. The store has been in operation since 1974 and serves a diverse community of local students, health-minded consumers and workers. 

A certified B Corporation since 2014, the store focuses on brands who strive toward the most ethical and sustainable practices possible. We're proud to support this store's good work and partner with the team to bring Cultured Coffee to the Boston area!

Edmonton (Canada)

Edmonton Farmers' Market

Customers in Edmonton, Alberta, can now purchase Cultured Coffee courtesy of fermentation fan and second-generation vegan cheesemonger James Pearcey. 

Find James at the weekly farmers' market (indoors until April). Reserve a bottle in advance for pick-up at the farmers' market by e-mailing James. 

Learn more about eatCultured's first healthy fermented product: Cultured Coffee 

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