NYC Coffee & Tea Festival

This month, eatCultured attended the 2018 NYC Coffee & Tea festival

An annual event, this festival draws a crowd of avid coffee and tea fans keen to explore the latest in the industry. Here are our takeaways from the event:

First in Fermentation

We were proud to be the festival's first smart fermented coffee brand!

While many coffee drinkers confessed to digestive problems like acid reflux after drinking coffee or a dislike for its typically bitter aftertaste, few were aware that secondary fermentation of coffee beans can reduce those problems. 

An Appetite for Change

eatCultured CEO and co-Founder Camille Delebecque provided a useful overview of how science is revolutionizing the coffee industry to a packed audience during the show.

In the meantime, the selection of seminars highlighted growing interest for new things in coffee and tea, including working with cascara to reduce coffee waste and promote the tasty beverage. Tea drinkers are also getting serious about the technicalities of how to brew the perfect cup. 

Bridging The Gap: Coffee and Tea

Many attendees confessed an interest in diversifying their home coffee offering to enjoy a rotating or wider selection of coffee depending on their mood, health and beyond.

In this respect, coffee habits are becoming more closely aligned to people's tea purchasing habits. 

Thanks for all your feedback during the show, it's such a fantastic way to get to know our customers and also helps us develop future fermented offerings we know you'll enjoy.

See you next year! 


Didn't get a chance to try our special cold brew Cultured Coffee at the show?

Try making your own at home with this helpful recipe!

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