Meet Our Food Innovation Partners

Running a craft food business that's developing and launching new innovation for consumers is tough, which is why we couldn't do without the help and support of our partners.

In this post, we highlight some of the amazing NYC businesses who've gone the extra mile to help eatCultured grow by offering their time, space or expertise. We can't thank them enough!

Coffee Roasting at City of Saints

city of saints coffeeEvery batch of Cultured Coffee is roasted using top of the range equipment at City of Saints' specialist facility in BushwickBrooklyn

The company, whose roots lie in Hoboken, New Jersey, began as a passion project by two coffee aficionados Joe Palozzi and Matt Wade who wanted to bring third wave craft coffee to their local area. The pair quickly decided to both set up a storefront and retail their own artisanal coffee.

City of Saints started roasting by renting time on commercial equipment, typically very expensive for small roasters, at Brooklyn collective roasting facility Pulley Collective in February 2014. In fact, the team at Afineur, eatCultured's parent company, also perfected their roasting skills on equipment at this facility!

coffee beans roasting city of saints

By getting to know their beans and equipment, the coffee duo decided to invest in a roaster that could handle up to 600 pounds of coffee beans each year.

Settling on a spacious warehouse location in the center of arty Brooklyn neighborhood Bushwick, City of Saints opened its roasting operation in December 2014.

While their storefronts have since multiplied across the city, their warehouse location now doubles as a minimalist café for locals to enjoy fresh roasted coffee and locally-made baked goods from French bakery L'Imprimerie.

Now eatCultured partners with Coffee Director Jim Osborn and his team to roast each batch of fermented green beans for our Cultured Coffee to perfection, ensuring an even medium city roast regardless of what varieties are in season

Biotech Innovation at Harlem Biospace

Harlem biospace

Harlem Biospace is a collaborative workspace for biotechnology scientists in Harlem, Manhattan. 

Our custom fermentation studio, Afineur, makes use of the range of equipment and facilities at this research center to explore new applications for fermentation.

The range of laboratory-certified equipment and facilities supports rigorous scientific analysis during our research phases too. 

Sourcing Green Coffee Beans From Crop to Cup

crop to cup logo

The team at Brooklyn-based green coffee bean importers Crop to Cup know a lot about coffee.

The two founders, Taylor Mork and Jake Elster, founded their own successful coffee brand and café, running it for several years between Chicago and New York before shifting their focus in 2014 to being green bean merchants.

Mork and Elster pooled their expertise and connections to farming communities in Africa, forged through the duo's not-for-profit work in Uganda before they went into coffee, as well as other independent farming communities across the world. 

crop to cup - ruth temiankaNow Crop to Cup is a thriving green bean business with a personal touch, who have helped the team at eatCultured source the best organic and direct trade coffee beans available each season.

Our Winter '17/18 batch, made with a Ugandan Arabica from Bukonzo Cooperative, is not only direct trade and organic but supports a majority women-owned cooperative. 


cultured coffee eatculturedSee the finished product in action!

Discover eatCultured's small-batch, whole bean fermented coffee: Cultured Coffee

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