Meet Our Beans: Kinone Arabica From Bukonzo Cooperative

Fresh in for the holidays, we've selected a crowd-pleaser coffee from Western Uganda: organic, fair trade Kinone Arabica beans. 

The Cooperative

Kinone is a single micro washing station run by Bukonzo Organics Cooperative Union. Founded in 2009, 36 micro washing stations nestled in this pristine green mountainous region contribute to cooperative's total crop. The area's fertile soil is famed for producing some astounding coffees and this one is no exception. 

Of particular note is more than half of the farmer owners are women, which helps support families and gender equality too.


The cooperative is committed to sustainable growing practices. Farmers plant shade trees to allow the coffee to ripen gradually, which increases its flavor potential.

Coffee plants are co-planted with food crops, with terracing and ground cover plants prevent soil erosion. The coffee is given a boost from organic home-made compost too. 

The Harvest 

The main coffee bean harvest takes place from August to November, though a secondary "fly crop" is also harvested March to May. 

36 separate "washing stations" dotted across the region, which form the cooperative, fully wash and dry their beans on tables with shade cover.

Tasting Notes

Notes: Pecans, grapefruit, citrus, prunes, warm mulled spices

Tasting: Warming and robust yet clean on the palate. A crowd-pleaser the whole family can enjoy.

Best way to brew: An amber jewel of a pour over. For more intensity, give your French press or coffee maker a whirl too. Best on a fine grind. 


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