eatCultured and Afineur: What's the Difference Between The Two?

Two names, one passion (fermentation!) and one company. So what's the difference between eatCultured and Afineur?

If you're a fan of fermentation innovation, it's likely you'll have heard of either eatCultured's Cultured Coffee or Afineur's work on fermentation. In this post we outline the relationship between the two.

Afineur: Developing The Next Generation of Fermented Foods 

afineurAfineur is a food biotech startup founded by renowned microbiologist Camille Delebecque and his business partner, leading food flavor scientist Sophie Deterre

Camille and Sophie started Afineur after realizing that natural food fermentations could have a much broader potential, beyond traditionally fermented food. By applying the latest research tools, "smart natural fermentations" can have a real impact on sustainable eating by improving the nutritional quality and taste of plant-based food and agricultural by-products. You can read more about Afineur's mission here.

Afineur's smart fermentation involves selecting natural microbes and teaming them up to transform fermentation into an "à la carte" tool enabling to naturally improve specific aspects of different plant-based food: taste, digestibility, protein profile, etc.

Using this type of approach, Afineur is working to solve largescale problems such as food waste, sustainable plant proteins and how to make everyday plant-based foods (like coffee) healthier and less likely to cause irritation for those with a natural intolerance. 

Afineur develops both consumer products and partners with other food brands to develop custom fermentations as a contract research organization or on a consulting basis. 

So, you got it, eatCultured is basically Afineur's own consumer brand:

eatCultured: Innovative Fermentation Consumer Brand!


eatCultured is Afineur's consumer brand, based also in Brooklyn, New York and run by the same team. The brand was launched by our parent company, Afineur, at the Fancy Food Show in the Summer of 2017.

Cultured Coffee, is eatCultured's first product. It was initially launched via a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015 by Afineur.  

Our storefront is a destination for consumers and retailers nationwide to purchase innovative plant-based foods, which have been enhanced or, as in the case of our upcoming product, produced using a new process: smart natural fermentation.

Our fermentation platform makes food not only more digestible but also enhances the nutritional profile of food. It can also be used to address systemic problems like food waste, which we think is a big problem worth solving.

Our signature "squiggle," found in both Afineur and eatCultured's logos, is a clue linking both brands. It was designed to show that products with the logo have been developed using natural microbes and smart fermentation. 

Thankfully we think nature, namely natural microbes, hold the key to tackling these issues without the need for additives, artificial ingredients or questionable manufacturing and packaging processes. We also strongly believe in openness and collaboration. We involve our community in prototyping some of our products and are a forum for discussion about the intersection between food and technology. 

The main beneficiaries of our food are you and the environment. We pour the rest of the proceeds into researching how to build better food systems and foods themselves.


Learn more about eatCultured's first healthy fermented product: Cultured Coffee 

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