Experiments in Cultured Chocolate: bringing the benefit of controlled natural fermentation to chocolate

Fermentation as a new creative tool for better healthier chocolate

Fermentation is one of the first step of cocoa processing happening just after harvesting. Farmers let the pulp surrounding the cocoa beans naturally get degraded by natural micro-organisms. On a practical level, it simplifies processing. No need for machines to remove the pulp and it also accelerates the drying stage.

On a qualitative level, this natural fermentation step is not a fully understood process. It is hard to study and control on the field - but it is known to greatly contribute to the quality and flavor of cocoa beans.

Experiments and collaboration with Raaka!

We, at eatCultured and Afineur (our innovation lab), specialize in studying and teaming up with small microbes to bring the benefits of controlled natural fermentations to a wide array of food products. To explore the full benefit of fermentation for cocoa, we’ve partnered with Raaka to do an extra, carefully controlled, natural fermentation step on cocoa beans before making one of their signature bar.

This extra natural fermentation steps is done in a controlled fermenter with carefully chosen natural microbes for the taste notes and health benefits they can bring to the beans. This extra fermentation step reduces the amount of sugars and brings up the maltiness and more pronounced chocolaty notes. The fermentation also specifically boosts the amount of antioxidants and vitamin B.

A first limited batch

This first bar of Cultured Chocolate, or "double fermented" chocolate will be shipped to Raaka's subscriber in the next few days. If you are reading this and have tasted the bar already, we'd absolutely love to hear from you. Feedback is obviously super important. Please shoot us a note here

We are also selling a limited number of bars. If you are interested, make sure to get yours below.

Sales are open - click here!

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