Cultured Coffee Bottle - Whole Beans 5oz

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If you're going to change the system, start with your system first. We harness the power of natural fermentation to bring you a delicious new superfood

More digestible less bitter and acidic with active bioactive compounds, Cultured Coffee is nature's power drink reinvented.

  • Easy to digest - our fermentation significantly lowers the concentration of four main molecules associated with digestive discomfort: catechol, caffeine, hydroxyhydroquinone and pyrogallo
  • Sustained energy - our coffee beans contain less caffeine and more theophylline, a caffeine alternative more commonly found in tea and cocoa. The result is more balanced energy without the "jitters" 
  • Extra bioactive compounds - enhance your wellbeing with naturally-occurring vitamin B3, inositol and lower levels of phyto-estrogen (trigonelline)
    • Less bitter - shining fruit and rich chocolate aromas

    Ethically-sourced, carefully fermented and crafted in small batches.

    Try it as a refreshing cup at any time of day - even on an empty stomach. Perfect for coffee or tea drinkers alike (and first-timers too!). 

    100% organic whole Arabica beans. Made with love in Brooklyn.  

    Power to the microbes

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